A show to make
you melt!

Hilarious conjuring and juggling with delicious Turkish ice cream. Performances which have young and old licking their fingers. Ice cream Ali presents his chilled delicacies with verve and such virtuosity that he has everybody fascinated within a few seconds.

The sublime show by Ice cream Ali is suitable for both large audiences and small, select gatherings. Company outings, seminars, trade exhibitions, fairs and other events are bound to be a success with a performance by Ice cream Ali.

Before Ice cream Ali hands over his exclusive Turkish ice cream to a salivating public, they are treated to a phenomenal show which immediately generates great hilarity. Laughing, shrieking, howling! And when the exquisite ice cream is handed round, Ice cream Ali carries on unperturbed. Didnít you just have a lovely ice cream in your hand? Suddenly itís gone! Ice cream Ali is quick as a flash. And why are people laughing so much? Itís magic!

Discover for yourself the refreshing and unforgettable performance of Ice cream Ali. It works anywhere and everywhere!