Ice Cream Ali performed successfully in places such as:

- Amsterdam (Holland) - RAI Meeting Centre on many occasions
- Brussels (Belgium) - Hall of Fame Award Party from the Belgian Direct Marketing Association
- Calais (France) - Jours de fête à Calais
- Geneva (Switzerland) - Congress of the European Society for Organ Transplantation
- Gennevilliers (France) -Cultural street festival
- Hannover (Germany) - Kleines Fest Festival
- Prague (Czech Republic) - Mesot International Congress
- Rotterdam (Holland) - Ahoy Event Centre on many occasions
- Sidney (Australia) - Convention & Exhibition Centre
- Stockholm (Sweden) - ECNP Congress
- And many more...

The performance of Ice Cream Ali was excellent , everybody liked it a lot and we got many positive comments and feedback. Also excellent was the service of Leo Lintermans. Everything went very well.
Elcan Optical technologies (Canada)

Ice Cream Ali was excellent, both the man and his performance.
Chargé du développement culturel Ville de Gennevilliers (France)

Thank you for a great performance of Eis Ali! We are looking forward to further offers for our events!
TOYOTA Handball-Bundesliga (Germany)

The performance of Eis Ali: Excellent The service of Leo Lintermans: Excellent Super, Super, Super, Super…. Thank you!
Reisebüro Neuborn (Germany)

Everyone at the event liked the show of Ice Cream Ali. He probably got a lot of business cards for hopefully future events. If it fits to our plans we will book this act again.
real,-Warenhaus GmbH (Germany)

The performance of Eis Ali was really excellent and I was totally satisfied with everything.
Sirona Dental Systems GmbH (Germany)

Ice Cream Ali was a successful surprise at our company party. Our colleagues had a lot of fun with Ali.
Voith Turbo Scharfenberg GmbH & Co KG (Germany)

At the trade fair we even won the Shaking Hand Award, partly thanks to Ice cream Ali.
Arjan van Dijk Organisation (Netherlands)

He surpassed our wildest expectations. A very great compliment.
Ivax Pharmaceuticals (Switzerland)